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Interested from birth in anything with wheels, Jim developed a love of mechanical devices that became a lifetime love affair with automobiles and their designs. As a young boy in Houston, Texas, he started drawing cars and went on to a GM sponsored mechanics program, a formal 3-year apprenticeship in European cars and a further 2-year Ferrari apprenticeship. He has had his own business restoring and repairing sports cars since 1975.

Jim started Simpson Design in 1978 to do design work and build custom sports cars. His work has caught the eye of other noted designers such as Pete Brock. One of his creations, the Blue Ray 3, a concept car built on a preproduction second generation Mazda 929 prototype chassis, represented Nardi at their 60th anniversary at the Concourso Italiano during the 1992 Monterey Pebble Beach weekend. Stemming from his association with Mazda executives, his designs on Miata platforms have been featured in the Mazda booth at the Laguna Seca Historic races.

Jim's vision has always been to create high quality designs and produce them as reliable, drivable cars.

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Simpson Design specializes in designing and producing unique experiences for the discerning driver. We've been in business since 1978, first in Houston, Texas, now here in the Pacific Northwest.

Most car companies save their truly innovative designs for concept cars seen only at trade shows. Here at Simpson Design, we create drivable concept cars on reliable platforms like the Mazda Miata, with readily available parts and maintenance that won't break the bank. Ours are concept cars that spend more time on the road and less in the garage. If you're driving one, you won't need to pick it out in a parking lot. In fact, chances are you may never see another one on the road.