Italia 2 picture


The Italia 2 GTC draws its inspiration from the Ferrari 330GTC ‘Princess’ cars commissioned by Princess Liliana De Rethy of Belgium from noted Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina.  Featuring a lovely reverse curved rear window, reminiscent of the Dino but much larger, only a handful of these special cars were built. The design also featured flowing sail panels that stretched from the roof almost to the cam tail rear end. 

The Italia 2 GTC is not intended to be a replica but merely to capture some of the essence of the period. I had the pleasure of working on the second of the original Ferrari cars built during my Ferrari apprenticeship days. It was one of my all-time favorite cars and still is to this day. Built on the second series or NB Miata, the GTC is a modern iteration of that very stylish coupe from the 60’s. It takes advantage of the Miata platform with its proven reliability and chassis sophistication.


Utilizing the 1999­-2005 NB or second gen Miata, the Italia 2 GTC has more horsepower, better suspension and a more comfortable interior. The car is lighter than a stock Miata even as a coupe.

Available only in turnkey form due to the complexity of building a coupe. If you do not already have a car for us to start with, we can find a good, used car on which to build your Italia 2 GTC.


Basic rough-in on your NB Miata, leaving the final details up to you, starts at $24,900 USD, or let us build it for you as a completed car. Turnkeys including quality paint and some interior upholstery (mainly the headliner and area behind the seats) start as low as $29,900 USD built on your car. A variety of options are available to suit your imagination. Call for more information.