Italia 2 picture


The Italia 2 GTO draws inspiration from the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO competition car. Ferrari originally produced 39 GTO's and they are among the most sought after collector cars of all time, fetching prices of well over 20 million dollars, probably not something you would drive on the street even if it is in the budget.

The Italia 2 GTO is not intended to be a replica but merely to capture some of the essence of the period styling of that famous racing car. Built on the second series or NB Miata, the GTO variation from SD is a stylish coupe that harkens back to a wonderful period of automotive design but has all the advantages of the modern Miata platform with its proven reliability and chassis sophistication.

Which begs the question, why not drive it every day?


Utilizing the 1999-2005 NB or second gen Miata, the Italia 2 has more horsepower, better suspension and a more comfortable interior. The car is lighter than a stock Miata as well.

Available in a comprehensive composite component package or as a turnkey on your second gen Miata. If you do not already have a car for us to start with, we can find a good, used car on which to build your Italia 2 GTO.


Basic rough-in on your NB Miata, leaving the final details up to you, starts at $24,900 USD, or let us build it for you as a completed car. Turnkeys including quality paint and some interior upholstery (mainly the headliner and area behind the seats) start as low as $29,900 USD built on your car. A variety of options are available to suit your imagination. Call for more information.